Monday, January 9, 2012

Leupold RX-IV Rangefinder

Leupold RX-IV Rangefinder

Increase your accuracy with the RX™-IV and True Ballistic Range™ technology. Accurate range in the field can mean the difference between a hit or a miss. The Leupold RX-IV digital laser rangefinder does more than deliver the straight line distance…you get the True Ballistic Range to your target, based on your rifle’s ballistics.

Rangefinder Type All prupose, Hunting
Max Magnification 8x
Maximum Range 1500 Yds
Nearest Range 3 Yds
Water Resistant Water Resistant
Height 3.5 in.
Width 4.8 in.
Depth 4.7 in.
Weight 0.75 lb

Leupold RX-IV Rangefinder Review:

This has been on my list to purchase for over a year. I decided to buy it at this time because the seller offered a very competitive price and the item was "new".
At first, the rangefinder itself seems a bit complicated to use. This is something I have seen others mention in their reviews. Just it has a lot of features and I am going to have to become very familiar with the instruction manual. I like several features; the various reticles; the ability to match one with the functions I need; the "True Ballistic Ranging", and the fact it has a built in compass. The 8x magnification and the fact it has a mounting position for a tripod will be a plus for longer range observations.
In the brief time I have had to play with this rangefinder I don't think it will be so complicated that I won't want to use it. I think this will be easy to learn. Once I figure out what each feature does, I think I will settle on one look and will not be changing much. The size is small and will comfortably fit into a pocket.

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